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The Story Behind the Logical Thinking Process

An interview with H. William Dettmer

H. William (Bill) Dettmer, author and originator of The Logical Thinking Process methodology is a world expert in logical analysis of complex systems and no doubt the strongest logical thinker I have ever met.

In this interview, Bill describes how he got acquainted with the thinking tools developed by Theory of Constraints pioneer Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, and how he subsequently designed the comprehensive process described in his seminal book “The Logical Thinking Process - A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving”.

Bill and I discuss how and why Goldratt originally developed his thinking tools, how Bill originally became aware of Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints, and of their co-operation when preparing the publication of Bill’s first book on the subject.

We also talk about Bill’s experience with teaching the Logical Thinking Process in the academic environment and his subsequent move into consulting and training in the corporate world.

At the age of 78, Bill is still fully active as a consultant and trainer, now running an online course in the Logical Thinking Process methodology in co-operation with Marris Consulting in Paris. Further details can be seen here.

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